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The Climb

“The Climb” by Cade Meloche

Even for those of us who live change, change is hard. I started this journey with an uphill climb and while we’ve made some summits, it is uphill still.

Perhaps the hardest truth to find on the climb is that you can’t outrun yourself, you can’t unsee your dream and you can’t say no to your gift without compromising how you feel about life. There are rests along the way. There are good people. There is no safe haven.

And there is work to do. Pollinate exists today because of a collective vision to go beyond sharing information to driving sustainable action. It exists to use work as an engine for personal and professional growth, and to use growth as a means of building networks and organizations where work is better, easier, and more meaningful.

The end game is to pollinate life-giving practices. To spread knowledge and build know-how, to promote sharing and shared action.

Our emergence as Pollinate is a waypoint to celebrate, a summit reached. Now we set our sights on the next peak and begin the climb anew.

β€” Christy Pettit, CEO

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. β€” Helen Keller

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