The magic of mentoring for knowledge transfer and employee development

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How do you develop future leaders, retain key knowledge and transform your culture?

The short answer is mentoring.

It’s no secret that mentoring is the best way to transfer knowledge, create continuity and develop strong relationships within your workforce. However, mentoring means different things to different people. Truly effective mentoring that helps people achieve specific goals rarely happens spontaneously in conversation over coffee, or by chance meeting in an online group.

It’s rare for effective mentoring to simply just happen in spontaneous conversation over coffee

Many organizations struggle with establishing and maintaining effective mentoring relationships. That’s where Pollinate can help: we’ve done the research and poured the world’s best thinking into our mentoring program methodology with demonstrated success.

Pollinate Mentoring Programs ensure a powerful, productive experience for all concerned.

Our automated tools and online educational resources help mentors and mentees connect with purpose to achieve their goals. Our proprietary mentor-matching technology identifies the best matches for mentors and mentees based on pre-established matching criteria.

Our mentor matching technology is flexible to match pairs or cohorts based on inputs, including individual psychometric assessments (the Pollinate Knowledge Transfer Index), demographics, organizational levels and mentee goals.

Our configurable, smart algorithm also can be informed by other program-specific objectives, such as connecting individuals involved in a merger or cross-pollinating different parts of an organization or network to enable better workflow.

Success is defined by the achievement of the goals of the mentoring pairs or learning cohorts. Mentoring has some great byproducts, too: reducing barriers to career success, creating feelings of connectedness to a field and strengthening subject matter networks.

For program managers there is a control dashboard and simple tools to set up and manage your program easily and seamlessly, and track results.

Contact Pollinate today to find out how we can help you establish a mentoring program that delivers real results.

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