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Mentorship education & skill development


Mentoring is a powerful way to transfer knowledge, create continuity and develop strong relationships within an organization

However, many organizations struggle with establishing and maintaining effective mentoring relationships.

That’s where Pollinate can help: we’ve done the research and poured the world’s best thinking into our mentoring program methodology and educational resources with demonstrated success.

Pollinate provides a full suite of knowledge and skill-building educational resources for mentors and mentees for positive mentorship experiences and goal attainment.

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Learn how to navigate the mentoring relationship

Our mentoring educational videos and e-learning modules can be used as stand-alone skill-building resources or to supplement live web-based or classroom learning. These modules are easily accessed by mentors and mentees at their convenience and “just in time” on the Pollinate platform, providing maximum flexibility.

Educating Mentors

Mentors learn about the role of the mentor and mentee in the relationship, how to support a mentee in setting and attaining goals, and how best to share their experience and expertise. As well, they learn about managing risk in the mentoring relationship. As mentors may be of a different gender, orientation, cultural or socioeconomic group than their mentees, mentors are encouraged to do some self-assessment and make a plan for ensuring they understand and support their mentee’s frame of reference.

Educating Mentees

Training for mentees is focused on three important elements:

  • How to get the most out of their mentoring relationship – the attitude, agendas, and approaches that work best.
  • How to set effective goals and how to attain these goals.
  • How to use an easy and effective system for tracking and meeting goals.

Each e-learning module imparts relevant mentoring content and includes opportunities to assess and reinforce individual learning along the way. Our suite of e-learning modules can be customized to match your organization’s program (logo and brand standards) and often include references to key mentoring program readings and resource materials.

Each mentoring education module is built on best practices supported by in-depth research and the experience that Pollinate has gained through many mentoring programs implementations with clients worldwide.

Pollinate Mentoring Education Videos

  • Why Mentoring?
  • The Role of the Mentor
  • The Role of the Mentee
  • The Knowledge Transfer Index
  • The Knowledge Transfer Process
  • Setting Goals
  • The Mentor Role Model
  • Developing a Mentoring Mindset
  • Setting Boundaries and Expectations
  • Virtual Mentorship
  • Principles of Mentoring
  • Dispelling Myths
  • Socratic Questioning
  • When and How to Challenge Your Mentee
  • What to do if the Relationship is Not Working

Pollinate Mentoring Education E-Learning Modules

  • The Role of the Mentor
  • The Role of the Mentee
  • Boundaries, Expectations, Goal Setting
  • Socratic Questioning
  • Storytelling
  • Managing Differences – Unconscious Bias
  • Undocumented Realities mentor training (for non-Black advisors of Black students)