Strategic knowledge transfer, powered by Pollinate

Our knowledge transfer and learning sustainment solutions cross-pollinate the knowledge your organization needs for peak performance, today and tomorrow – all powered by our Cross-Pollinate AI™ matching technology for targeted, streamlined learning and proven outcomes.

Effective knowledge transfer breaks down silos, quickly brings new recruits up to speed and prevents the loss of valuable information when staff move on.

Use Pollinate to quickly identify knowledge gaps, fluidly transfer knowledge from one to many throughout your organization, guide individual and group learning, apply and sustain new skills, and measure outcomes.

Pollinate Mentoring Programs circulate and preserve hard-won wisdom

Our knowledge transfer solutions include Pollinate Mentoring Programs, the best way to share and preserve the personal knowledge that individuals acquire through years of experience.

Share your own content or select from our expert resources

Pollinate also provides a flexible and user-friendly content sharing environment to support any knowledge transfer objective, including:

  • digital transformation
  • upskilling
  • leadership development
  • team building
  • learning sustainment
  • culture change
  • business performance improvement
  • merger & acquisition transitions

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