Cannexus 21, The Benefits of Mentoring for Career Development

Cannexus21: Career Development for Public Good

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Pollinate CEO Christy Pettit presents The Benefits of Mentoring for Career Development at Cannexus 21, Canada’s largest national career development conference.

Christy’s on-demand session will be released for Cannexus participants Wed., Feb. 3 at 1:45 EST.

Get mentorship best practices, research insights and strategies to measure ROI

Mentorship programs build networks in and across organizations, professions and industries to transfer knowledge, develop and retain talent, and improve workplace culture.

Christy will discuss the research on the many benefits of mentoring for career development and provide a wealth of tips and insights for designing and managing a mentoring program:

  • Find out why companies that adopt mentorship programs and a mentorship culture “do better” with multiple benefits for career development strategies.
  • Learn the difference between coaching, managing and mentoring.
  • Understand the dynamics of a good mentorship model.
  • Learn how to calculate return on investment from mentoring programs.

Additional resources

Free Guidebook for Career Development Pros

Get Pollinate’s free Guidebook for Career Development Professionals: 7 Elements of an Effective Mentorship Program.

The guidebook covers:

Why having a clear mentorship program purpose is essential (plus examples)

The value of strategic matching for mentoring experiences that change what people are able to do

 How to prepare mentees

 Tips for cultivating a growing pool of mentors

Get the guidebook


The value of mentorship in a time of change and challenge CERIC

Read Christy’s article, The Value of Mentorship in a Time of Change and Challenge, in CareerWise by CERIC.

About Christy

Christy Pettit

Christy Pettit is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Pollinate Networks Inc.

For 25 years, Christy has provided innovative leadership, expert advice and successful implementation of organizational effectiveness strategies in companies worldwide, supporting billion-dollar clients through transformation, including initiatives to increase employee engagement and success while decreasing overall costs.

Christy is available to speak on mentorship, developing knowledge collaboration ecosystems, and effectiveness for the future of work. See Christy’s full bio.

Follow Christy on Twitter. Connect on LinkedIn.


About Pollinate Networks Inc.

Pollinate Networks Inc. specializes in smart matching for mentorship and knowledge transfer programs that help people grow and flourish in their present – and future – roles. Pollinate has 12+ years of experience creating Mentorship Programs that deliver proven results through algorithm-based mentee-mentor matching, expert program design, education, delivery and measurement support. See our mentoring case studies for Nature Canada, PLT Canada and Manulife.


About Cannexus21

Cannexus is designed to promote the exchange of information and explore innovative approaches in the areas of career counselling, career development and workforce development. Cannexus21, “Career Development for Public Good,” is presented by CERIC and supported by The Counselling Foundation of Canada and a broad network of supporting organizations


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